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Special alloy steel, Cutting edges induction hardened, Chrome plated

Special steel, Cutters induction hardened, Chrom plated


Our VDE certified products (pliers, side cutters, ) are subjected to tests within the scope of TS EN 60900 Standard.
Products in these tests
Dielectric Test: They are exposed to electricity under 10000 Volts for 3 minutes.
Adhesion Test of Insulation: After the oven is kept in the oven at 70 °C for 1 week, they are taken out of the oven and subjected to a stem stripping test under 500 N force for 3 minutes.
Impact Test: After being kept at -25 °C for 2 hours, they are subjected to the isolated impact strength test from the desired height with the weight determined according to the product to be tested.
Trace Test: They are exposed to electricity under 5000 Volts with a 2 kg conductive material on the insulation for 3 minutes.
Flame Test: Flame is applied on the insulation for 10 seconds. After the flame is withdrawn, the flame in the burning part of the insulation should not exceed 120 mm.

That's why electrical/electronic industry professionals prefer our VDE certified products.

1000 Volt VDE Insulated High Leverage Side Cutters Izeltas

PriceFrom £16.00
VAT Included

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