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It is an acrylic emulsion-based, silicone-added, matte exterior wall paint with high water repellency and high water vapor permeability.

  • Filling: 7.5 TL / 15 LT
  • Features: Thanks to its silicone additive, it has high water repellency resistance and does not allow water to pass through, and it allows moisture to escape since it has high water vapor permeability.

It is used on all kinds of concrete, aerated concrete, briquette, brick, plaster and similar mineral surfaces. However, it should not be applied on elastic paint systems.

Application Description

  • The application surface must be cleaned from all kinds of oil, dirt, loose and swollen layers.
  • Akrofiller should be used for repairing hairline cracks and stripping.
  • On raw plastered, new and solid surfaces; Teknotex Filled Primer should be applied in a single layer.
  • Old painted, very chalky, absorbent, weak etc. On loosely textured surfaces, the surface should be saturated with Dyobinder to strengthen the ground.
  • It should be diluted with water by 10-15% by volume and applied in two coats, and at least 6 hours should be waited between coats depending on weather conditions.

Dyo Akrostar Silicone Exterior Paint 7,5LT 15LT White

PriceFrom £38.00
VAT Included

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