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It is an acrylic emulsion binder based, mat decorative interior plastic paint.

Filling : 10 KG 

How Much Area Does It Paint?

In one coat, 12-14 m2 with 1 L, 7.3-8.5 m2 with 1 kg, depending on the surface.

DYO Beşyıldız Wall Paint 10KG

PriceFrom £10.50
VAT Included
  • All kinds of walls adhere well to the surface, dry early, do not crack or spill. It is used on interiors of buildings  all kinds of wall surfaces.

    Application Description

    It is applied with a brush or roller after thinning with 25% water by volume for both coats. After the application surfaces are cleaned of all kinds of oil, dirt, loose and swollen layers, they are saturated with Dyobinder. “Isolation primers should never be used in the priming process.” If necessary, uneven surfaces are smoothed with Dyorit Putty.

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