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Dinamik Soft Mat paint gives breathability property to applied surfaces and it is a human and environment-friendly product with odourless property. It can be applied and cleaned easily and also it has high opacity.

It is used on all kinds of wall surfaces inside the buildings.


VAT Included
  • Surface Preparation:

    • New mineral surfaces; The surface should be smoothened by Dyorit Macun or other powder putties. Dyobinder or Dyo Albin Astar is applied on putty applied surfaces. “Isolation primers should not be used for priming”
    • Old painted surfaces; Dirt, grease, old loose or flaking materials must be removed. Dyobinder or Dyo Albin Astar is applied onto whole surface after Dyorit Macun or powder putty application for surface smoothening on required areas. In case of colour change of surface,  Dyo Geçiş Astarı is applied one coat before Dinamik Soft Mat paint application.
    • Old synthetic painted surfaces; after sanding gently, dust should be removed from the surface. And then Dyo Geçiş Astarı is applied one coat.


    • 24 hours after primer application, it is applied two coats with 6 hours break between coats, by brush or roller with diluting 10-15 % of water by volume.