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It is an acrylic emulsion-based, filled interior primer that can be used especially in the transition from solvent-based paint to water-based paint, on solid surfaces with interior plaster and color transitions.

Dyo Transition Primer 2.5 LT

VAT Included
  • It provides a good adhesion of the top coat paint to the surface by preparing a solid surface. Increases paint performance, reduces paint consumption.

    Application Description

    Before the application, swollen, loose and unhealthy looking surfaces should be scraped, the old synthetic painted surface should be lightly sanded and oil and dirt should be removed from the surface. Transition Primer thinned by 10% by volume with water is applied as a single coat with a brush or roller.

    How Much Area Does It Paint?

    In one coat, depending on the surface, an area of 14-20 m2 with 1 L, 9-12.5 m2 with 1 kg is primed.

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