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Acrylic emulsion based, decorative semi-matte, interior topcoat paint.

 Color: White

 Features :

 It is odorless, friendly to human health and the environment, resistant to being wiped with water, covering, non-yellowing, and resistant to impacts and scratches.

 It is used as a topcoat paint on wood, metal and all kinds of wall surfaces in the interior of buildings, after appropriate surface preparation.

 Application Description:

  •  It is ready for use. Dilute with 5% water when necessary.
  •  It is applied in 2 layers with a brush or roller without diluting, 24 hours after the primer application. To achieve proper application, scanning should be done in one direction and over-scanning should be avoided.
  •  It is recommended to wait 4-6 hours between coats.

 How Much Area Does It Paint?

 Depending on the surface, an area of 13-18 m2 can be painted with 1 L and 10-14 m2 with 1 kg in a single coat.

 * A surface of 17.5 – 20.0 m² can be painted with 2.5 L.

Dyo Hidroten White Wood/Metal/Wall Paint 2.5lt

VAT Included

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