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     It is a water-based, silk matte hobby paint based on pure acrylic emulsion.


  • It is a pure acrylic emulsion-based, water-based hobby paint with excellent adhesion on surfaces such as ceramics, metal, wood, plastic, marble, glass, furniture, walls, stone, etc. It is easy to apply and has excellent spreading and covering ability. Since it is water-based, it does not turn yellow over time, is odorless and environmentally friendly. Complies with EN 71-3 Toy Safety Standard


  • How Much Area Does It Paint? Hobilux Water Based Paint can paint an area of 24-28 m² with 1 L in a single coat, depending on the condition of the applied surface.

DYO Hobilux Multi-Purpose Hobby Paint 0.4 LT

£11.00 Regular Price
£7.70Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Application Description

    The application surface must be cleaned from all kinds of oil, dust, dirt, loose and swollen layers. After opening the Hobilux Water Based Paint package, it is mixed until a homogeneous consistency is achieved. The product is applied in two layers, without diluting, on the required preliminary preparation. Min. between floors. It should be waited for 4-6 hours. It is ready to use, not diluted. Does not require primer. Light sanding is recommended on extremely shiny and difficult surfaces. It is recommended to use Dyo Cutting Brushes, Dyo Pro Interior Roller or Dyo Mini Roller. In order to increase the performance according to the surface to be applied in different indoor and outdoor surface applications, Glossy, Silk Matte and Matte Hobilux Water Based Varnish should be applied on the paint according to the desired appearance, after 24 hours.

    It is not recommended for use in floor applications, bathrooms, showers and similar areas that are constantly wet.