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It is an acrylic emulsion-based, transparent, glossy, water-based wood varnish that does not spoil the natural color of the wood and allows the wood to breathe, resistant to yellowing.


Dyo MASSIVELINE Wood Varnish 2,5LT

VAT Included
  • It does not spoil the natural color of the wood, prevents moisture formation by allowing it to breathe, does not crack or peel. Water repellency is excellent. It is resistant to yellowing. It dries quickly.

    Application Description

    From the MASSIVELINE Wood Care Product application, min. After 4 hours, MASSIVELINE Water Based Wood Varnish should be applied. It is thinned with 5-10% water and applied with a brush or roller in two or three layers depending on the absorbency of the surface, waiting 3-4 hours between layers. In application with a spray gun, it is diluted with 10-20% water. Although the product has a milky white appearance on the surface immediately after application due to its chemical structure, a transparent surface is obtained as it dries.

    How Much Area Does It Paint?

    Depending on the type of wood applied, 11-16 m2 area can be covered with 1 L in one coat.

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