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MASSIVELINE Water Based Panel Door Paint

It is an acrylic emulsion-based, covering, semi-matte panel door paint that is resistant to household chemicals and impacts.

Filling: 0.75 LT

Features: It is a topcoat paint that is odorless, friendly to human health and the environment, covering, non-yellowing, resistant to water, household chemicals and impacts. It adheres perfectly to the surface. It can be used on American doors and all kinds of interior and exterior wooden surfaces.

Application Description: Ready for use. It is applied in 2 layers with a brush or roller without diluting.
• It is recommended to wait 4-6 hours between coats.

How Much Area Does It Paint?

Depending on the surface, an area of 13-18 m2 can be painted with 1 L and 10-14 m2 with 1 kg in a single coat.

Dyo Massivline Water Based Panel Door Paint 0.75 LT

VAT Included
Ağırlık: 0.75 LT

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