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It is an alkyd-based, transparent, matte, decorative wood varnish.


It is easily absorbed by the wood and does not form a film on the surface. It increases the strength of wood, resists atmospheric conditions and its colors do not fade. It increases the adhesion of the final coat of paint to the surface. It does not damage the natural texture of the wood and prevents moisture formation by allowing it to breathe.

It is suitable for use in all kinds of joinery, facade cladding and garden furniture.

Application Description

Surface Preparation:

  • Surfaces should be cleaned of oil, dirt and dust, and if necessary, sanded and dust cleaned. If there are knots, they should be removed with Dyo Cellulosic Thinner.


  • It is ready to use without dilution. It is applied to the surface in 2 layers with an interval of 24 hours using one of the brush, roller or spray gun methods. Unabsorbed excess should be wiped off with a cloth 15-30 minutes after each coat application. When Pinosan Decorative Wood Varnish Matte applied surfaces need to be renewed, the surfaces should be lightly sanded, wiped with a damp cloth and 1-2 coats of the same color should be applied.
  • After application, brushes and tools can be cleaned with Dyo Synthetic Thinner.

How Much Area Does It Paint?

Depending on the type of wood on which it is applied, an area of 10-28 m2 can be covered with 1 L in a single coat.

Dyo Pinosan Decorative Wood Varnish 0.75 LT

VAT Included

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