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  • It is an alkyd binder based economical topcoat paint.

  • FEATURES: Ease of application with a brush and fast drying time are its superior features.

  • APPLICATION AREA: It is used with suitable primers on all kinds of interior and exterior wall surfaces of buildings, all kinds of wooden and metal surfaces.

  • APPLICATION METHOD: New metal surfaces should be primed with Anti-Rust Silver after removing all dirt, rust and oil. New wooden surfaces should be impregnated with Pinosan Decorative Matte Wood Varnish and primed with Dyo Transfer Primer. If necessary, defects on the surfaces should be repaired with Dyo Super Paste. No thinning is required for brush and roller applications. For spray gun applications, dilute with Dyo Synthetic Thinner. Apply in 2 layers. It is recommended to wait 24 hours between coats.

Dyo Professional Synthetic Paint, Metal & Wood 0,75LT, 2,5LT

PriceFrom £7.00
VAT Included

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