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*The length of the outlet tip is 192 mm.
*The height of the outlet tip is 265 mm.
*Aerator with lime breaker.

*360° with swivel spout.

*The amount of water flow at 3 bar pressure is 6.6 liters per minute.

ECA Dalia Sink Mixer

VAT Included

    Before Assembly:

    • Before assembling your luminaire, review its manual.

    • Keep your guide during the warranty period of your luminaire.

    • Keep your luminaire in its original package until it will be installed.

    • If the mains pressure is above 5 bar, working at this pressure for a long time

    shortens the life of your luminaire. Therefore, ECA pressure reduction to the installation inlet

    use the regulator.

    •Install an ECA filter at the entrance of the installation to which you will connect your luminaire.

    • Before connecting your armature to the plumbing, some water is flowing and inside the pipes.

    clean it.

    • Intermediate Tap with ECA Filter to connect sink and sink faucets to the installation

    use it.

    • Chrome-plated fixtures, spa, etc. Do not use in places.

    • Do not leave your luminaire installed in buildings under construction for a long time. Build

    mortar, lime etc. materials may spill on the luminaire. Also in the air

    chemical substances, combined with the humidity of the air, cause deterioration on the luminaire surface.

    can bring. If such materials have fallen on the luminaire during construction and

    If it is stuck, do not scrape it using hard objects. Armature in buildings under construction

    If it will stay for a long time, isolate it from the environment by putting a bag over the fixture.

    • Your luminaire is designed to operate at ambient temperature between 5°C and 65°C.

    Your luminaire is not affected by frost, especially in environmental conditions below 5°C.

    take the necessary precautions.


    During installation:


    • During the assembly of your luminaire, apply keys to the surfaces of your luminaire, especially

    Do not touch the pipe wrench.

    • For easy and smooth mounting of bathroom, sink and sink faucets on the wall.

    Use the mounting template during the laying of the piping.

    • Assembling the flexible connection hoses of the sink and sink faucets to the body

    Do not use a key while doing it. -

    The sealing element (O-ring) found is sufficient for sealing. your hoses

    Make sure it is properly mounted on the body.

    • After connecting your luminaires to the installation, open the valve and connect the luminaire's connection points.

    Observe for leaks. A leak in the ports

    If there is, make a suitable assembly to seal the connection.

    Do not use the armature without checking the tightness.


    During use:


    • Wiping your armature with a soapy cloth and drying it with a dry cloth is sufficient for cleaning.

    • By wiping the armature surface more frequently in places where the water hardness is high.

    You can prevent the formation of gray spots on the surface.

    • To clean the luminaire surfaces, one side containing abrasive and hard materials is green.

    Do not use sponges or scouring pads, cleaning agents containing acid.

    • Clean your luminaires with a soft brush once every six months or as needed.

    wipe with cloth.

    • In case of malfunctions that may arise from all kinds of environmental conditions and usage errors, the product

    Use original ECA spare parts in order to maintain its feature.