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Izeltaş 50 Mm Plastic Hammer


  • Izeltaş 5850250050 Plastic Hammer Izeltaş brand is a company that produces high quality hand tools at international standards in its modern facilities. Hot forging parts made of high quality steel are frequently preferred and used by professional users in the automotive, machinery manufacturing, construction and agriculture industries. Izeltaş is one of the leading brands in its field not only in Turkey but also in the world. Products subject to quality control at every stage of production
  • It is secured through physical, metallurgical, chemical and electrical tests. It offers its products to you with modern management systems, product quality certificates such as TSE, TSEK, VDE GS and high technology. The product has been produced at high standards so that you can use it for many years in a way that will provide the highest benefit to its user. As Widereyon store, we offer 100% original Izeltaş products to our customers at the most affordable prices. You can review our site to suit your needs, and you can easily buy the Izeltaş product that is suitable for your business.

Izeltas Plastic Hammer

PriceFrom £9.50
VAT Included