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It is a water-based, ready-to-use, water-repellent transparent impregnation material. 


Depending on the surface;

  • Depending on the surface, 1 L can be applied to an area of 2-20 m² in a single coat.

Dyo TEKNOLONG AQUA Transparent, Water Repellent Impregnation 5LT

VAT Included
  • It is a transparent, ready-to-use impregnated material that protects the surface without changing its appearance and does not form a film on the surface. It prevents frost damage on the surface with its high water repellency. It allows the surface to breathe. Protects the surface against rain and dirt. It prevents the formation of problems such as whitening, calcification and moss formation. It does not shine and makes the surface look more vibrant when applied to the painted surface.
    APPLICATION AREA:It can be used on absorbent natural and artificial stones, aerated concrete, tiles, cement and surfaces on which acrylic paint has been applied. Since porous natural stones have a high water absorption ability, their appearance and functions deteriorate over time. With the “Teknolong Aqua” application, such problems are eliminated by making the surface water impermeable.

  • METHOD OF APPLICATION:Surface preparation: Before application, the surface must be cleaned of dust, dirt and oil, and any oil, dirt, rust, mold or moss on the surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Before applying to wet surfaces, the surface should be allowed to dry completely. Application: Brush, roller or absorbent gun method can be used for application. It is ready to use and does not require thinning. Depending on the surface absorbency, a single or two-layer application can be made. In order to apply two coats, the application should be done wet on wet before the first coat dries. No film layer forms after application. Application should not be made in rainy weather. If it starts to rain after the application has started, the applied surfaces should be protected from rain.