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The Timberfix® 360 screws are one of the most versatile wood screws on the market today. Suitable for both manmade boards and natural wood.

Timberfix woodscrews features:

  • Length: 100mm
    Gauge: 5.0mm
    Box Qty: 100
    Drive: Pozi PZ2

Product details:

  • Pozi countersunk wood screws
    Timberfix woodscrews capable of driving into most hardwoods without the need for pre drilling
    Reinforced countersunk head handles torque and harder woods
    Self-countersinking ribs under the head are time saving and ensure a neat finish
    Shank ribs reduce the drive torque required during installation
    Helps prevent the wood splitting, particularly useful on the longer lengths and larger diameters
    Cleans the hole when securing two pieces of wood together preventing jacking
    The special thread design with advanced cutting edge combined with a next generation lubrication system ensures almost half the torque is required to drive in
    Faster, with less effort. Zinc and yellow finish
    Supplied with 1 screwdriver bit in every box


PriceFrom £2.75
VAT Included