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All our products without the need for a expert You can easily apply it alone. Our Styrofoam Wall Panels are not self-adhesive. You can use an adhesive suitable for the surface you will apply it to. A utility knife is sufficient to cut and shape our Styrofoam Wall Panels. It can be applied to all painted or unpainted surfaces.

Brick Pattern Wall Panels

£15.00 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price
VAT Included
  • BSS Styrofoam Wall Panels can be used for decoration as well as for heat insulation and sound insulation.

    It can be used safely thanks to its flexible, shock absorbing structure and hard surface.

    Thanks to the special production technique of BSS Styrofoam Wall Panels, even in case of direct contact with water, the water absorption rate will be very low, so the acrylic coating on it can remain the same for many years. In addition, it is not affected by humidity and humidity. Compared to other insulation products, it does not contain CFC substances that are environmentally friendly and harmful to the ozone layer. Ramsoy styrofoam wall panels are an antibacterial product, they are much easier to apply than other sheathing and decoration products and do not require expertise.

    It is a time-saving, practical and easy solution for homes, hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and offices to be decorated. It gives heat and sound insulation feature to the area.

    It can be easily mounted on the desired area and is resistant to impacts thanks to its extra hard surface. In addition, it can be easily disassembled and thus does not require extra effort and cost for disassembly. It removes the dirt formed during the application of natural stones and provides ease of application thanks to its light structure. It also reduces the labor costs of natural stone, marble and wood applications. As a hobby, you can even apply it yourself at home for home decoration. Each of the panels gives a feeling of naturalness.

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